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For more information about The Washington County Fair, please e-mail us at the following:

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If you prefer the old-fashioned method of correspondence, address your mail to: (this is not the physical address)

The Washington County Fair
14780 West Road
Prairie Grove, AR 72753


Kendall Pendergraft, President

Darrell Tunstill, Vice President

Natalie Bartholomew, Secretary

Cheryl West, Treasurer



Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 19 members. Membership is designated by the by-laws for 15 elected and 4 appointed members. To vote in the general election in November, you must be 18 years of age and have donated eight hours of work that is recorded by an officer for the general upkeep of the fair or have been an exhibitor at the Washington County Fair during the fair and pay a $10 membership dues.

Natalie Bartholomew, Gail Dewey, Jennifer Emerson, Brad Harlow, Robin Harlow, Dale Hill, Jeremy Hunt, Randall Lewis, Allen Moore, Ralph Moore, Jerry Moyer, Kendall Pendergraft, Stephanie Pendergraft, Doug Sullivan, Darrell Tunstill, Cheryl West, Candes Wilson, Michael Weaver, and Brad Wright.



Honorary Directors

Pete Braker, Doris Cassidy, Mike Cassidy, Roy Hummel, Steve Johnson, Herman Jones, Dale Killian, Joe Rodman, Steve Smith, David Starkey, Mike Stewart, Marilyn Weyl


Division Chairmen

Commercial & Outside Exhibits | Tyler Pendergraft

Open Beef Superintendent | Sarah & Bill Hamm

Junior Beef Superintendent | Darrell Tunstill

Assistant Junior Beef Superintendent | Jennifer Emerson

4-H & FFA Livestock Auction Chairman | Stephanie Pendergraft

Horse Superintendent | Cindy Pharr

Open Dairy Cattle Superintendent | Betty Scates

Junior Dairy Cattle Superintendent | Christy Wieland

Assistant Junior Dairy Cattle Superintendent | Randy Spears

Open & Junior Sheep Superintendent | Brad Wright

Open Swine Superintendent | Brian Kutz

Junior Swine Superintendents | Allen Moore & Jerry Moyer

Open Poultry Superintendent | Barbara Lewis

Junior Poultry Superintendent | Jackie Uher

Assistant Junior Poultry Superintendent | Amanda Bromley

Open Agronomy Superintendent | Mary Crumley

Dairy Goats Co-Superintendents | Bobby Moseteller & Don Hatfield

Meat Goats Superintendents | Donnie & Brandi Wilhite

Assistant Meat Goats Superintendent | Dale Hill

Rabbit Superintendents | John & Kim Robinson

Adult Superintendent – Thompson Hall | Candes Wilson

Assistant Superintendent – Thompson Hall | Glenda Samuels

Youth Superintendent – Youth Exhibit Building | Gail Dewey

Assistant Junior Superintendent – Youth Exhibit Building | Nancy Luther

Agricultural Mechanics Superintendents | Jim Frisby & Bill Laney

Youth Talent Contest Superintendent | Jana Gardner

Chairman – Gate Receipts & Finance | Cheryl West

Catalog Editor | Curtis Moore

Premium Coordinator | Shirlean Jewel, Lanny Rice, Linda Sims, Rita Swopes & Kelli Luther

Maintenance Superintendent | Lanny Rice

Dog Superintendent | Kim Sullivan

Pageant Superintendent | Natalie Bartholomew